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“All the batteries we make now can ONLY store 10 minutes of the world’s electricity needs, we need a breakthrough here, something that is going to be a factor of a HUNDRED better than what we have today”

Bill Gates
“We’ve been well aware of the intermittency problem and looming crisis for energy companies across Europe, for a long time. This is the first viable solution we’ve seen that’s on the same scale as the problem.”

PriceWaterhouse Coopers

About Storelectric

Storelectric Ltd is a developer of projects using highly efficient forms of Compressed Air Energy Storage (CAES) using existing technologies, at a grid scale, efficiently and cost-effectively.

Introduction to Storelectric CAES

The Importance of Storing Energy

A brief 2.5 minute video in which the founding directors, PwC and Siemens explain the proposal.

CAES is a form of grid-scale energy storage that works by compressing air, then expanding it again when needed. It has been in use safely and reliably since the 70s, but revenue stream improvements and the recent development by Storelectric means that Storelectric CAES is expected to be very profitable in today’s markets; more so in the future.

Our Latest News

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Dentons Global Energy Summit, Amsterdam Oct 2018

This years theme is described below and focused on newer technologies and developments in the energy market. As described in the introduction to the summit - Technical, political and economic changes are reshaping the energy industry faster and more deeply than ever...

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Symposium Overview

To move beyond a think tank role we are anxious to develop a generic model for hybrid energy storage systems based on the location identified in the symposium and resolve the specific series of energy storage challenges and opportunities for...

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Storelectric Ltd at the World energy Forum 2018

The World Energy Forum 2018 took place in Ordos, Inner Mongolia (which is one of the autonomous regions of China) between August 10th-12th. Storelectric Ltd were personally invited by the President of the WEF Dr Harold Oh. To see the letter please click here. Tallat M...

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