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We’re Growing

Invest in Storelectric – Storelectric is growing and we’d like to invite you to be part of it.

Grid-scale electricity storage enabling renewables to power the world. H2 ready

We’re raising a round of growth finance to bring our proprietary compressed-energy storage technology to the world.

ESG Credentials

Environmental, Social and Governance – corporate responsibility

We view Storelectric’s solution as a game-changer that has the potential to speed up the energy transition.


The largest energy company in Holland

Structuring Investments

Storelectric can structure investments to suit each investor’s appetites. In particular, larger investors (7-9 figures) can invest in either plants and/or Storelectric itself. To invest in Storelectric, smaller investors buy a shareholding in Storelectric.

Investing in Plants

Majority or part ownership of a physical asset, depending on amount invested
Infrastructure-scale asset, key parts of both the Net Zero energy system of the future and the transition from today’s grids to 2050’s
Steady returns for decades, from the plant’s trading profits

Invest in Storelectric

Shareholding in the company that develops plants and will provide services to them Storelectric will continue developing its technologies and service offerings
Be part of world-wide growth over the medium and longer terms

Why Now?

The growth of renewable generation brings a similarly-sized need for emissions-free arbitrage, balancing and ancillary services. Now Storelectric offers cost-effective technology able to do this.

In the short term (for peak demand only), the market is for up to a third of peak demand in any country. To support baseload, 3-6 times as much storage is needed. To support the transition from fossil fuels of heating, about 3-10 times as much again is required.

Storelectric’s plants earn 12-15% returns on investment in today’s market, which is forecast to improve in the coming years, as such we are offering a select group of investors the opportunity to be involved at the start of what is a new and highly lucrative asset class.

  • Our storage enables renewables to power the world affordably, reliably and resiliently
  • The world’s most capable and cost-effective widely implementable storage at comparable scale
  • First movers in a multi-$trillion global market, which is currently largely unaddressed

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        Partners and Collaborators

        Storelectric Ltd has developed an enviable list of partners and suppliers to ensure project success and ensure delivery is not compromised at any stage of development.

        Every partner business envisages working with us as we are seen as providing a unique opportunity to create a new global market, well ahead of any competition.

        An initial agreement on the land option for the first project has been secured with the owner for the use of existing gas-optimised salt caverns with 4-8GWh capacity now, with a possibility to expand this in the near future to 40-60GWh. They have experience in winning planning and grid permissions for comparable projects in the gas industry, on the same property in virtually identical caverns.

        OEM’s for the main equipment are numerous as this equipment is considered off the shelf and only adapted to the ambient conditions of the new location. However, we see the advantages of business partnerships and as such we are in discussions with several such as Siemens, GE, Doosan, Sulzer amongst others.

        The thermal storage device is an important part of the system design and as such the supply side is considered confidential.

        Several EPC and General Engineering Contractors are in discussions with us to tender for the 1st project FEED work and help screen future projects.

        Ove Arup and Partners have validated Storelectric’s technologies and are support us in the engineering, design and project management aspects of projects at all stages.

        PriceWaterhouse Coopers, the world’s largest financial and business consultancy, developed the business case for both Storelectric and our plants, providing invaluable support in early years.

        Dentons LLP, the world’s largest legal practice, supports Storelectric with both legal support and dtrategic advice and introductions.

        Fortum, who own Uniper, Nordic Wind etc. in 22 countries, developed the world-leading Apros dynamic modelling system for power stations, with which they validated our technologies.

        Siemens have modelled the system using their existing, catalogue equipment and are particularly focused on the air subsystem: compression, expansion and generation.

        BPE: leading specialists in process engineering design and projects.

        BEIS, the British Government’s Department of Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy (formerly the Department of Energy and Climate Change (DECC)) has provided Storelectric with funding. We look forward to greater funding and work together.

        ERM is a leading multinational planning and environmental consultancy, with extensive experience with both power plants and salt basin/cavern operations.

        National Grid has been working with Storelectric and PwC to identify and quantify revenue streams expected from a full-sized installation. Several leading universities are supporting with their expertise, research and development.

        Geostock and KBB Deep are two of the big three global geotechnical firms, supporting us in feasibility studies and project planning. They validate and ensure the structural integrity of salt caverns and (in future) other geologies; they also project manage all related works such as drilling, solution mining, and building a solution mining plant.

        Other companies supporting Storelectric include:


        Engineering and EPC contractors

        Mott MacDonald

        Engineering and EPC contractors


        Most of the equipment, and EPC

        Uni of Edinburgh

        Geotechnical suport and R&D

        Newgate Comms

        PR for planning applications etc

        Oswald Consultancy

        Early stage validation and options

        Storelectric’s proposal is “eminently credible from an energy market perspective … an exciting opportunity.
        This appears to compare well with existing technologies such as pumped storage and interconnections.”

        The National Grid